This week’s thrift purchases of possible note:

$1.99 grab bag of trim (in oh-so-1990s colors), the top row in the picture is from some cluny lace with a header made of two pieces of single-fold bias tape, in two lengths (2 yards and 7 yards), which I promptly took apart (I never leave lace on headers—it’s A Thing with me.)  This means that 9 yards of trim turned into 9 yards of 2” wide cluny lace (granted, it’s…ecru…but black dye will rectify that) and a total of 18 yards of 5/8” single fold bias tape.  For $1.99, I consider everything else in the bag to have been bonus materials. (And the 2 yards of…ecru…raschel lace in the second row is already slated to be the trim on another gathered slip.)

99¢ Caboodles case!  In dark purple!  With giant old-style silver glitter!  And the tray’s still inside…along with a lot of dust, so this thing’s getting a bath later.  Still.  I never had any interest in Caboodles when they were new, so this amuses me… (Also…I like cute boxes.  Just, in general…cute boxes.  I’ll find something to store in it…)

The random toy table yielded lots of Duplo pieces and a few Lego pieces and several K’Nex pieces for The Child, the cute ballerina wall hanging thingy upon which I intend to paint a better face (all she has is a dark brown spot in her eye and a dark brown line somewhere between her lips, poor gal) and add lots of glitter, and then THREE LIDDLE KIDDLES STILL IN THEIR PACKAGES WITH HANG TAGS GUH.  I…yeah.  I need to work on a new sales list…